Accelerator for Water Sector

It’s trying to solve some intractable problems the industry is yet to make some real progress on, so it’s aimed at anyone who’s got a great innovation.

Will is an accelerator for Water Sector, run by a collaboration of industrial, academic and supply chain stakeholers.

Accelerate the rate of innovation

WILL selects spin-off and start-up with innovative solutions that address the sector challenge and guides them through an intensive program providing Knowledge, tools and connections to guarantee future success. It aims to accelerate the rate of innovation development and adoption against specific challenges that the sector is facing. Following acceptance on the program, you will be supported through an intensive 16 week training course and bespoke coaching program from industry experts to progress your vision, product, business model, investor pitch and personal network. 

WILL is searching for companies with new solutions to the challenges below.

What are the sector challenges ?

  • Monitoring and control of emerging micropollutants​
  • Assessment and monitoring of Green House Gas emissions​
  • Climate risk and resilience planning and mitigation​
  • Water and wastewater treatment​
  • Leakage detection and smart water network​
  • Sludge treatment and nutrient recovery​
  • Real time data collection and analysis

Accelerator Program

WILL offers a 16 weeks intensive program of seminars , 1-1 coaching with a pool of industry experts able to provide advice perfectly tailored to your needs and course work to provide you with the collateral you need to gain traction with customers and investors.​ Each course will be held every Friday for 4 hours. During the celebration event, you will have the opportunity to meet potential future costumers and investors.​

Start Date: 9th January 2023

Our Partner

Will is a collaborative ecosystem of key innovation stakeholders from within the italian water sector. find below more information on each stakeholder, and a video in which they share why they strongly believe in the will program. 

The call for 2023 accelleration program is closed