How long is the application process?

The application window opens on 3rd October and closes on 25th November 2022. Decisions on successful participants will be made and communicated by 23rd December. The program will begin on 9th January 2023.

When does the first cohort begin?

The program begins on 9th January 2023.

What does WILL cost?

Thanks to our sponsors, participation in WILL is free.

Where is WILL based and do I have to base myself locally?

WILL is based in Brescia but there is not requirement to work locally. Seminars and coaching can be undertaken online.

Can companies based outside of Italy apply?

Yes, but the program will be delivered in Italian.

What happens when WILL finishes?

You will leave the WILL program with all the knowledge required to succeed. To ensure that you stand the best chance of using this to build traction, we will endeavour to connect you to where you need to go next e.g. trial sites, investors, prospective customers. This is not a formal part of the course but we believe in ensuring your success and can make these connections through our extensive network in the industry.

What is the selection criteria for WILL?

The application form highlights those questions in the application process that are assessed. These questions will be reviewed by our panel who will be looking to determine:

  • Those that can be demonstrate commitment to their venture
  • Those who’s ventures hold commercial promise within the sector
  • Those who’s ventures make the biggest contribution to the challenges we publish


What are the terms that I agree to as part of WILL?

As a free program, WILL do not ask you to sign specific terms and conditions however we do require your commitment to:
– Attend (with a minimum of 1 representative) all the training course modules (acknowledging that in exceptional circumstances this may not be possible)
– Attend the final pitch, to be held in Brescia, event in person
– Commit to completing course work on time and to the best of your ability
What investment or interest does WILL take in my business if I participate in the program?

As part of the program, WILL does not seek to make any investments into the participants’ businesses or take any proportion of equity. This does not preclude its members from doing so, but this arrangement would be made outside of the WILL program.

Will my intellectual property be protected?

WILL treat all application data as confidential, however, to complete the process, you do not need to reveal your IP to make a strong application. Similarly, over the course of the program we will not ask you to share or reveal any information about your solution that you’re not comfortable with.

How can I get in contact with you?

If you have an enquiry not covered by any of the comments above, please contact us at will@isleutilities.com