What is WILL and who is it aimed at?

Will is an exciting new accelerator for the water industry. It’s trying to solve some intractable problems the industry is yet to make some real progress on, so it’s aimed at anyone who’s got a great innovation. Maybe it’s just an idea, or maybe you’ve already got it to prototype stage and maybe started commercialising it, but really just early stage companies who can make a difference against the challenges that Will is trying to solve.

Why should I get involved?

This is a really great opportunity to go through an accelerated process of learning how to build your business and bring your product to the water market. It’s an intense 16 week programme and we aim to squish about a year’s worth of work into that 16 weeks to really accelerate your progress into the industry. It will also give you contacts and the right network to communicate with, to promote yourself to and also just to guide you on who to speak to when you do get to the stage of actively approaching the market. So it’s not just about the education you get and the training and the practicalities of setting up the business. It’s also about getting you real access to the industry and those that count within it.

The program

WILL offers a 16 week intensive program of seminars and coaching with a pool of industry experts able to provide advice perfectly tailored to your needs and course work to provide you with the collateral you need to gain traction with customers and investors.

Value Proposition
Pitch Roasting
Legal & IP
Internal Team & external advice
Business Model &
Business Plan
Equity & Investment
Marketing & communication
Pitch events
Agile PM
Coaching sessions
(technical, commercial,
business management
and industrial support)
Progress Reviews
Pitch Roasting

The call for 2023 acceleration programm is closed.